Trek special-chicken


  • Locally procured desi chicken :01 no(generally 1.5 kg)
  • Any mix of spices
  • Mustard oil
  • Salt /red pepper


  1. Just clean and cut the chicken and rub spice mix with mustard oil onto the bird.
  2. Make a bag of two layers of aluminum foil and make sure that the sides of the packet are sealed.
  3. Put the marinated chicken into the bag and put the bag into the bonfire that is generally available at the campsite.
  4. After around 8-10 minutes just take out the bag and serve chicken hot along with some steamed rice and green chillies.

About Treks and food

Trekking is walking as long-distance hiking , as well as trail riding .Other names are bushwalking , wilderness backpacking .Generally roads are missing and one follows trail by the local villagers or by wild animals.

The motivation usually lies in the nature experience, sportsmanship and the desire to meet the local cultures and nature. Trekkers or operators generally require knowledge of general wilderness in advance. Sufficient knowledge and skills are used for personal safety.

I am a regular trekker and every year I find trek more exciting than the previous one. Food being an integral part of the trek and I being only chef among my fellow trekkers I am expected to cook something special for my friends every time we go for trek. Though we have a small team of people and ponies who are with us carrying our luggage, tents, ration etc but still by the end of the trek we are out of ingredients and left with very few options. So this recipe is very simple and close to the root which is cooked in the most feasible way on the trek as bonfire is always available at the halt place and basic spices and salt along with some mustard oil as well. Just rub the locally procured meat or fish or any other meat with the spice mix and oil, let it stand for some time for marination and just close to the service add it to the bonfire. It won’t take long to cook as the temperature is too high near bonfire. Just sit ready with some rice and enjoy TREK DA MURG.

Mark my words –Its heavenly.

chef-vipulChef Vipul, a Professional in Industry with over 11 years of experience in India and Abroad, specializes in South East Asian and Modern Continental Cuisine. Currently, he is inspiring and nurturing young chefs as a Chef Trainer at IHM PUSA New Delhi.

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