Apple Pie


  1. 30 gms Butter
  2. 100 gms Refined Flour
  3. 3 gms Salt
  4. 5 gms Black Pepper
  5. 20 gms Thyme
  6. 100 gms Grain Sugar
  7. 50 gms Icing Sugar
  8. 200 gms Apples
  9. 15 gms Cinnamon Powder
  10. 70 ml Whipping Cream
  11. 20 gms Raisins
  12. 30 gms Fruit Jam
  13. 1 nos. eggs
  14. 50 gms Margarine
  15. 5 gms Castor Sugar


For Stewed Apple Carpaccio

  • Caramalise 100gms Sugar and let it settle like brittle.
  • Grind the brittle to fine powder.
  • Add the caramel powder and 5gms cinnamon powder to peeled, cut wedges of apple. Transfer apple mix to a baking tray, cover with foil and bake at 180
    DegreeCelcius for 10-12 minutes.
  • Once cooked, stack the apple wedges in a mould and let them drain excess juices.

For Cinnamon Cream

  • Whip the cream to stiff peak.
  • Mix in 10gms of sifted cinnamon powder and refrigerate.

For Tuile curls

  • Cream Margarine and icing sugar together.
  • Add 25gms egg white.
  • Add 50gms refined flour, mix well and refrigerate.
  • Spread the mix on a Silpat and bake at 175 Degree Celcius for 9-12 minutes.
  • When Hot the tuile can be cut and shaped in various curls.

For Thyme Black Pepper Crumble

  • Make Short crust crumble with 50gms refined flour and 30gms Butter and bake it at 175 Degree Celcius for 11-12 minutes.
  • Add Finely chopped thyme, Black Pepper powder , and castor sugar to the crumble and mix well.


Brush Diluted Jam Sauce on the plate and place the stewed apple carpaccio, crumble, quenelle of cinnamon cream as desired.
Garnish with raisins soaked in stewed apple juices, thyme and mint twigs and cinnamon dust.

chef-vipulChef Vipul, a Professional in Industry with over 11 years of experience in India and Abroad, specializes in South East Asian and Modern Continental Cuisine. Currently, he is inspiring and nurturing young chefs as a Chef Trainer at IHM PUSA New Delhi.

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