Madame Tussauds, all set to dazzle Delhi!

India prepares for the world’s largest and most renowned entertainment operators – Merlin Entertainments, to open their doors to the most aspiring and awe-inspiring attractions on this planet. Madame Tussauds the legendary wax attraction entertainment hotspot is soon to launch in New Delhi and will be the latest tourist and locals’ experiential zone to be visited. The dazzling entertainment zone uniquely planned for visitors to interact with their favourite stars and figures of inspiration; is set to launch in early summer of 2017. Located in the heart of Delhi – Connaught Place at Regal Cinema, the team is thrilled about the exhilarating experience they are about to embark on.

The wax attraction will exhibit over 50 figures from diverse leagues such as History, Sport, Music, Film, and TV. Each wax figure is created with the expertise of over 20 international and local artists working at a time to ensure an authentic visitor experience worth in an excess of ` 1.5 crores each.

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